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I just found another Amazon Review from charmaine kalehuawehe with 1 star for Just Home Medical and their sister company's Dry-Me bedwetting alarm: "this product was a waste of money did not work for my daughter, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, sorry " I have just entered into this mismatch between people who obviously have a bad product, and another party that they "say" has a bad product.But these people that I am pissed off at here seem to keep on lying.

To me, they are completely unbelievable.I certainly would not want to do any business with them.

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Just Home Medical and are Wet Wet Wet!Some of the stuff they sell is JUNK JUNK JUNK (see above) and they cannot face the music (sound of weeping).

They are and have been the biggest BS artists on the internet, and will do WHATEVER it takes for them to drive all competition away with false accusations, and ask people to buy their junk. See how long it takes them to have this posting removed. I have been following their nonsense for about a week. There were several negative complaints against these Queens of Wetness, who have been a disaster for many innocent families.

Let's see if they have this erased by Wednesday, Jan 16th. Their lackeys have been working hard at badmouthing competitors and competitive products. I cannot even give them credit for being properly educated, as they are unable to write properly or sensibly.

And definitely ethically void!:cry

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