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I tried this out with my son last summer and the thing corroded inside and quit working within two weeks.Total waste of money for us.

My son got to the point that he would sleep through the loud alarm. The safety pin was difficult to fasten and I ended up stabbing my thumb several times. I have said this on Amazon as well. What a waste of time and money.

Why people sell such junk is something that I can not understand.And Just Home Medical and their other company bedwettingstore make out like any product they do not carry is junk!

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Bad News

This happens with unethical people. I wanted to write to (which is also Just Home Medical) to tell them how unhappy I am with their products and service, and I could not even find their address on their web site! Are they so ashamed of themselves that they are hiding?

to Bad News Bethesda, Maryland, United States #591782

Just Home Medical proudly has its contact number on its website.

Unlike Dry-Buddy who we believe is writing these reviews and is a father son run company, Just Home Medical employs over 10 employees.

How? Because parents prefer our products, support and service.

HaHaHa HoHoHo
to More Dry-Buddy BS #592007

Ha!But where is your proudly presented mailing address?

Not enough pride to show it? Is Just Home Medical (AKA still hiding? And why the continuing rubbish posted on various sites (including this one) demonstrating your ignorance and *** comments about bedwetting alarms which you do not sell, and abusiveness towards your competitors?

Can't compete honestly?

I have verified that a significant part of the original posting above is also on Amazon?Obviously this person does NOT prefer your "products, support and service."

#591415 and Just Home Medical prey on the vulnerable consumers.I have a son that is six years old and the alarms that I bought from Bedwettingstore , the alarm didn’t work .

They have a captured market of susceptible parents that just want to cure their children from bedwetting so each child can have a happy life.

An Just Home Medical tries to get every dollar out of poor consumers.:cry

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